Artemis Beteiligungen I AG Affiliated company that is controlled by Michael Pieper and has been the main shareholder in Arbonia AG since December 2014.

Bevel The corner joint of two strips that are not cut at a right angle. These two strips come together to form a defined angle in the corners (e.g. two strips with a 45° bevel = 90°).

Cash flow Positive or negative surplus cash arising from commercial activity, measured over a certain period. Cash flow can be used to evaluate how financially strong a company is.

Coextrusion A technique for manufacturing multilayered products. Material from the main extruder is combined with a second material that is extruded – in other words, moulded – using a small extruder (or coextruder). This creates a multilayered product.

Cogeneration plant This refers to the simultaneous generation of mechanical and usable thermal energy (heat). The mechanical energy is normally converted into electrical power by a generator.

Comfort ventilation / residential ventilation A mechanical form of ventilation, used for ventilating residences with heat recovery. An integrated heat exchanger is used to transfer heat energy from the exhaust air to the outside air supply. Residential ventilation ensures that air is replaced in the building at a defined rate, creating a hygienic means of air exchange.

Consolidation The process of combining the individual annual account items of all the companies belonging to a group, in order to form a consolidated financial statement.

Demographic shift The term “demographic shift” refers to changing age structures within a countryʼs population.

EBIT Earnings Before Interests and Taxes: a companyʼs operating results before interest and taxes are taken into account.

EBIT margin Indicates EBIT in relation to revenue.

EBITDA Earnings Before Interests and Taxes, Depreciations and Amortization: a companyʼs operating results before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization are taken into account. EBITDA is one of the most meaningful figures in evaluating a companyʼs earning power.

EBITDA margin Indicates EBITDA in relation to revenue.

Equity ratio The equity ratio indicates the shareholdersʼ equity in relation to total capital. It is used to assess a companyʼs financial capacity and stability. If the equity ratio is high, you can assume that the company is less dependent on third-party funds.

Fan coil Depending on the temperature of the flow water for a connected water heater / chiller, fan coils are able to heat, cool and dehumidify a room, and are able to provide ventilation and the option of filtering indoor air in fan-only operation. This results in maximum comfort with optimum room air quality. A fan radiator is able to heat (but not cool) a room by means of convection when the fan is switched off.

Fitting Mechanical function element that is actuated via the handle to open and close a window. Window fittings connect the movable part of a window (window sash) with the fixed part (window frame).

Frame The fixed part that frames a door and from which the movable part swings open.

Free cash flow The operating cash flow minus cash flow from investing activities; illustrates how much cash remains free for shareholder dividends and/or any repayment of debt financing that may be required.

Free float The free float is the portion of the total number of a companyʼs shares that is not in fixed ownership. Small portions owned by private investors are also included in the free float, even though they are essentially in fixed ownership.

General employment contract In Switzerland, a general employment contract is the contractual basis for any employment agreement for a particular profession or in a particular industry. It normally defines working hours, holiday allowances, notice periods and minimum wages. A general employment contract is negotiated by trade unions and corporate associations. There are general employment contracts that apply to the whole of Switzerland or just to a specific canton.

Goodwill In accounting, goodwill represents an intangible asset within the company that arises through the acquisition of other companies or parts of companies in return for payment.

Heat pump Draws its heat energy from the air, groundwater or soil, and uses this extremely efficiently to generate the heat required for heating drinking water and rooms. Compared to heat pumps, no other kind of heat generator is a more environmentally sustainable solution or is more fit for the future.

Insulating glass Multi-pane insulating glass (MIG), also known as insulated glazing or double/triple glazing, is a construction element made up of at least two panes of glass and is used for windows or other glass features. The area between the panes is hollow and sealed against gas and moisture. This helps to keep noise out and heat in.

Market capitalisation A companyʼs stock market value. It is calculated using the number of shares x the current share price.

Net indebtedness The total that remains when cash and cash equivalents are deducted from non-current liabilities. This indicates how much cash would be available for repaying loans if the cash and cash equivalents were already used up and the company had to liquidate its current assets.

Product standard EN 16034 This European product standard is part of a wide range of standards covering windows, doors and gates. EN 16034 deals exclusively with fire and / or smoke protection properties.

RFID (radio-frequency identification) Radio-frequency identification refers to the technology used by sender-receiver systems to automatically identify and locate objects and living organisms using radio waves, meaning that no contact is required.

Surface heating Surface heating is a catch-all term covering various types of heating and cooling, and denotes a process in which heat is emitted or absorbed via the surfaces of the components in a building.

Synergy A positive effect that arises from the merger or cooperation of two or more organisations / companies. Synergy effects represent competitive advantages that are usually gained through cost savings. A synergy effect requires interaction between factors that encourage one another or have a more significant effect when they are working together rather than independently.

Webinar/web seminar A seminar that is conducted via the World Wide Web. The neologism is a portmanteau word made up of the words “web” (from World Wide Web) and “seminar”.