Digitisation means change. Analogue processes are becoming digital. Opportunities for innovations are opening up on all levels. It is all the more important to make focused use of the opportunities offered by this transformation. At the beginning of 2019, the digital unit of Arbonia started creating value in the areas of sales, marketing and service. Its mission is to develop digital solutions, services and business models that put customers and their needs right at the centre. Here is a review of the year 2019 for ARBONIA DIGITAL.

End customer

Targeted communication

End customers have a variety of digital research options before they buy a product or service. In this early phase of the customer journey, the aim is to draw in end customers in a targeted manner and convince them online with exactly the right information. Whether with a product finder or content marketing – ARBONIA DIGITAL reaches out to end customers with personalised content at the right time and in the right place, thus converting prospects into customers.

Specialist partners

New point of sale

Analogue processes are still widespread in the craft trades. Specialist trade partners and installers calculate quotations from home, and customers often receive an initial price indication only after several days or even weeks. ARBONIA DIGITAL wants to provide specialist trade partners and installers with a simple tool that not only facilitates their daily work but also helps customers to have a better service experience. With a mobile app, they can put together products with customers on site in no time at all and quote a price directly.

Planners / architects

Faster in sales

Individual dimensioning and product characteristics make the preparation of offers more complex. In order to meet the needs of their customers, however, planners must be fast. ARBONIA DIGITAL realises innovative applications for configuration, calculation and preparation of offers for products. An intuitive user interface coupled with rule-based product configuration and automated pricing makes it possible to create offers in minutes.

One unit, three values

Arbonia and ARBONIA DIGITAL consistently understand the digital revolution as an opportunity – both for business development and for the growth of the divisions. Three fundamental values are at the heart of this:


A deep understanding of customers and their needs is the prerequisite for the development of successful digital solutions. The central question is always "how can we improve our customers' experience?" ARBONIA DIGITAL delves deep into customer journeys, analyses behaviours and identifies both pain points and opportunities for better customer experiences.

Agile and lean

Innovations should reach the market quickly. ARBONIA DIGITAL therefore works with interdisciplinary teams that develop products with modern working methods in a self-organised and step-by-step manner. In this way, operable minimal solutions that can be tested and validated are created with as little effort and time as possible.


ARBONIA DIGITAL advises and acts across divisions. If a solution is designed for one Arbonia company, it can also be used for other divisions of the Group later on or at least create a development lead.

Customer-focused thinking is the leading competence of our time. With the solutions from ARBONIA DIGITAL we create products that our customers understand and enjoy.

Claudius Moor

Managing Director at Prüm and Garant (Doors Division)

With ARBONIA DIGITAL we make the opportunities of digitisation tangible. And that is across all divisions.

Alexander von Witzleben

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arbonia

Through the strong involvement of our employees in the product development process, we have developed an application together with ARBONIA DIGITAL that will make our daily work much easier.

Markus Kretschmer

Department Manager Doors of ZEG