Arbonia’s contribution to the SDGs

Arbonia is aware of its economic, environmental and social responsibility. We are committed to operating more sustainably over the long term.

We make a substantial contribution to climate protection with our products, which reduce energy consumption in buildings. For this purpose, we continually drive innovations in our two core areas of indoor climate and interior doors. In addition, Arbonia strives for a dynamic, open corporate culture and places a great deal of importance on a pleasant, appreciative and supportive working environment with attractive working conditions. As regional employers, the companies of Arbonia are an important economic factor in the respective regions.

Arbonia is committed to the United Nations’ goals for sustainable development. In particular, Arbonia is dedicated to supporting the eight Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlighted in colour below.

We are not yet able to fully measure our contribution to achieving the SDGs. However, in the following chapters we will show activities that support the goals of the United Nations for sustainable development. This is identified by SDG icons in the corresponding subchapters.